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   Holiday House's Community Employment Services Program is designed to assist individuals with disabilities choose, obtain and retain employment in the community.   

   Individuals are referred to Holiday House by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation seeks authorization for long-term support services from IRIS, the Lakeland Care District, or another Family Care Agency when required. If you are not found eligible for services self pay is an option.  

   Our staff uses assessment information about the person seeking employment to target the types of jobs available from potential employers. Staff then provides employment preparation services such as assisting with the development of a resume, filling out applications, and enhancing their interviewing skills.  

   Typical job development activities include reviewing local employment opportunities, and developing contacts with potential employers through direct and indirect promotional strategies.

   A qualified job trainer can provide on the job instruction and supervision at no cost to the employer. Job-site training services vary according to the needs of the new employee and the complexity of the job. It may include training the employer and coworkers to understand any accommodations needed by the worker.  The length of follow-up services is also based on the individual needs of the employee and employer.

             Picture of Brian doing data entry at AmeriCollect.                                       Picture of Catherine cleaning at WCUB.

                      Brian does data entry work for AmeriCollect.                                                Catherine cleans at WCUB.   

   Benefits of Community Employment Service

                                     Employee Benefits                                         Employer Benefits

Gain job skills and work experience


Information on Tax Incentives
Availability of Job Trainer
Reduced training and supervision
costs through the use of a job trainer
bullet Increased self esteem

Dependable workers
Increased independence 
Working with people with disabilities increases morale and productivity of all employees
Enhance economic self-sufficiency
People with disabilities find creative ways to perform tasks
Opportunity to develop  relationships with a variety of people
Information on ADA
For more information on Holiday House's Community Employment Services Program,
call Jenni Fratzke at 682-4663 ext. 118.

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